Roy and Evan

Roy Page is a servant leader helping men produce a vision for themselves, prioritize family and choose exceptionalism. He is a man who has decided to do better, reset goals, live with a purpose and a mission and share that with men who desire the same.

Roy hasn’t always been passionate about helping other men. He spent decades building a fairy tale life for his wife and their two children. Then, in 2009, in what he calls “a perfect storm” he watched their dream ripped apart—with the failure of his twenty-year marriage, the erosion of his successful business in the wake of a national recession, the death of his revered father, and potentially life-changing surgery for his beloved son—all in the space of less than two months. He wrote A Letter to Evan, in what felt like his last opportunity to communicate with his son. He believed he was saying goodbye and needed to put everything into this one last letter.

Roy leads by example in sharing his heart and soul with his teenage son—and with fathers everywhere struggling to regain equilibrium and maintain their role as fathers in the aftermath of divorce. Instead of losing his son, Roy learned how to fight for his children, communicate in spite of distance, prioritize what is important and set goals of excellence for his life.

Everywhere Roy goes, he encounters men who need the same type of rejuvenation. Men tell him they feel unfulfilled inspite of their success. He finds men discouraged about family and life. Roy decided it was time to give back. Now he helps men find their voice and their purpose. He leads men to restore the drive, meaning and excitement in their lives. He encourages others to dream big dreams; if dreams aren’t scary, they aren’t big enough.

Rediscover your purpose and recommit to the person you know yourself to be by attending Roy’s next seminar.