Roy’s Story

Intelligent, successful men tell me the same story wherever I go. They feel beaten up. Pounded by demanding careers and achieving goals, only to discover it’s not enough. Not enough for his family, his boss, his employees, and not fulfilling for himself. Men, it’s time for something new!

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Think back to when the world was your oyster. Your goals were to graduate college, land your dream job, marry your sweetheart, and make your mark on this world. You’ve done all of that, but do you have new goals? What’s your vision today? Reflect on who you are, renew your purpose in life and dream big dreams. I’ll show you how using the FREE Focus Forward workbook.

Meet Roy

Roy Page, author of A Letter to Evan, is passionate about encouraging and challenging men. He believes every moment is a choice: positive or negative, hope or despair, forgiveness or bitterness, excellence or mediocrity. You must be your best self in all aspects of life in order to be the best father to your children, the best husband to your spouse, the best leader in your job, the best contributor to your community, and most of all, the best friend to yourself.

Roy Page

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“Hats off to Roy Page! What a triumphant and brave author, father, and inspiration to pen a letter to his son for ALL of us to share.”

Kelly, mother of four

“I am moved by the author’s love for his son and his passionate efforts to stay in touch from a geographical distance.”

Robert Raines, author of Going Home

“I have two sons. The encouragement from Roy’s story has prompted me to write letters to each of them.”

Mark, father of two

“Roy’s perfect storm is the perfect backdrop for so many great life and parenting lessons. To say it was a kick in the pants kind of reminder . . . would be a disservice.”

Edmond, Amazon reviewer